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Eye Diagnostics and Vision Research

We seek to surpass existing physical limitations and develop new methods and tools for non-invasive, safe, and repeatable retinal imaging, based on novel spatio-temporal coherence imaging approaches and two-photon excited fluorescence. The tools to be developed will provide comprehensive insights into both the morphological and functional aspects of individual retinal cells. These innovations will open unprecedented and unique opportunities in ophthalmology by providing information about functional changes in response to age, to disease progression, or to pharmacological treatments. – Prof. Dr. Hab. Maciej Wojtkowski.

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Our success story

Our first success as a newly established organization is to convince experts and funding agencies of our vision for translational eye research. At our institute, research on the mechanisms of vision at the molecular level in health and disease and development of new viral gene therapies are supported by engineering and computer science. Further technological support is provided by optical imaging experts with extensive experience in providing tools for clinical ophthalmology. We believe that this unique blend of basic and applied sciences provides fertile ground for groundbreaking advances in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. We anticipate that an environment of mutual expert collaborate on will enhance the competitiveness of our research activities. We see our Institute as an entity that can provide unprecedented and unique benefits to society. Our development plans for eye-related science will promote active collaborations with industry, including pharmaceuticals, cutting-edge imaging, and drug delivery techniques.

Our mission

The aim of the Centre is to advance new technologies leading to the development of new eye treatment methods in the fields of minimally invasive surgery, biochemical control of protein machinery, genetic repair of inherited diseases, and tissue engineering. We are also working on the advancement of optical imaging technology and state-of-the-art robotics to assist in eye surgery and drug delivery.


Our Vision

To emerge as an internationally recognized Centre of Scientific Excellence, with highly qualified staff and resources, engaged in translational activities at the highest global level and aimed at achieving a significant impact on the health of the eye.

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