Image-guided Devices for Ophthalmic Care

Principal Investigator: Andrea Curatolo, PhD

The Image-guided Devices for Ophthalmic Care (IDoc) laboratory seeks to research novel techniques and develop instrumentation to address unanswered questions in vision science and unmet needs in ophthalmology and optometry.

The IDoc team members put their expertise in optical engineering, imaging, biomedical physics, computing, and mechatronics to work on the full range of translational eye research, by collaborating with vision scientists on the basic end and with ophthalmologists, optometrists, and surgeons on the clinical end.

The IDoc laboratory’s research topics can be classified in two broad categories:
• Research into novel optical, biomechanical, and computing techniques for structural and functional studies of the eye.
• Development of instrumentation for preclinical, clinical, and surgical eye care.

Phone: +48 609 911 755