Sławomir Tomczewski, PhD

University Degree:

PhD, Warsaw University of Technology

Position at ICTER:


Research Areas:

Optoretinography, Optical coherence tomography, Interferometry, Holography

Slawomir Tomczewski has obtained his PhD degree from Warsaw University of Technology. While doing his PhD, he also participated in three ACTPHAST projects, in which he cooperated with companies. Two of the projects were conducted with Kongsberg Automotive and one with Difrotec.

After finishing his PhD, he gained commercial experience while working at EDC Warsaw (General Electric Aviation) as a Software Engineer. Finally, before starting his current position, he worked as a Holographic System Engineer at Envisics LTD (Milton Keynes, UK).

Slawomir Tomczewski is currently developing flicker optoretinography, a method in which OCT is used to measure retina’s response to stimulation with periodic light pulses.