Michał Dąbrowski, PhD

University Degree:

University Degree: PhD thesis in quantum optics, graduated in 2019 (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, with honours)

Position at ICTER:


Research Areas:

quantum optics, AMO physics, light scattering, optical imaging, wavefront shaping techniques

During my PhD studies I participated in experiments on storage of quantum states inside atomic medium (so-called quantum memory). I have shown that it is possible to store and retrieve on-demand multiple photons as well as change the properties of resulting entangled state, using the spatial light modulator (SLM). The main motivation has been the creation of single-photon processor able to perform specific tasks for more complicated quantum circuits. Based on my previous experience I have started the postdoctoral fellow in the field of quantum optics with scattering media, having in the back of my head the applications for biological imaging. In my research project I tried to build a quantum simulator based on wavefront shaping + scattering processes in complex media. The fascinating world of light scattering brings me to the second postdoctoral position in the current group where I realized the project about two-photon fluorescence of the human eye to avoid scattering and absorption in the eye coming from visible-light excitation which paves the way for better understanding of a vision process.