“Two photon vision and two photon eye imaging (2×2-PhotonVis)” project 

The “Two photon vision and two photon eye imaging (2×2-PhotonVis)” project was carried out within IChF PAN (Instytut Chemii Fizycznej PAN) and later ICTER from December 2017 to September 2022. The main goal of this project was to develop novel and original optical methods and instrumentation for functional testing of human and animal vision, using two-photon absorption and two-photon excited fluorescence processes.

The project broadened our knowledge about the optical properties of human and rodent retina and its susceptibility to non-linear optical processes of two-photon isomerization of rhodopsin chromophores and two-photon excitation fluorescence in RPE cells. The project resulted in nine papers published in JCR-indexed journals.

The POIR.04.04.00-00-3D47/16 project is carried out within the TEAM TECH programme of the FNP Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

Author: Slawomir Tomczewski, PhD
Grant awardee and project leader: Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski
Website of the #TeamTech project: https://2photon.icter.pl/
Image source: figure 8 – https://doi.org/10.1172/jci.insight.121555