Piotr Rutkowski, MSc

University Degree:

MSc, University of Warsaw

Position at ICTER:

PhD student

Research Areas:

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0001-8009-0816

Piotr gained his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree in 2019 and his Master of Science degree in Mathematics in 2021 at the University of Warsaw.

In parallel, Piotr was involved in the commercial projects: on live videos with human faces (face recognition and facial emotion recognition) and on optimal learning strategies for users of certain learning apps.

Piotr is very interested in various branches of machine learning and in artificial intelligence, including their medical applications.

The most important educational/scientific achievement of Piotr is the Scholarship for outstanding achievements in science and sport for academic year 2020/21 funded by the Rector of University of Warsaw.

The major task of Piotr at the CGG is to develop and implement novel machine learning algorithms for analysis and visualization of high-dimensional single-cell multiomics data.