World Sight Day 2021

The main aim of our Institute is to revolutionize the diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. Today, during World Sight Day 2021, special public awareness is raised on blindness and vision impairment as major international public health issues.

Want to explore more – visit World Sight Day website – https://www.iapb.org/world-sight-day/


What can we, individuals do on World Sight Day (and better on daily basis)?

  • encourage 50+family members and friends to have regular sight checks so potential diseases are diagnosed early,
  • if you spend hours in front of screens (laptops, phones, …) remember to make a small break every 20-30 minutes to look at a far distance (about 6 or more meters) for 20 seconds. This will provide some relax to our eyes,
  • you can also have a closer look at your diet. Antioxidant, vitamin and microelements reach products as yellow, orange and green veggies contain lutein that has beneficial effects for retina function. Choose omega-3 acid products (fat sea fish, legume and Italian nuts). Blueberries, pumpkins, apricot are good sources of antioxidants.