Visiting scientist from the US: prof. Robert Zawadzki

Prof. Robert Zawadzki, PhD, came to ICTER to initiate collaboration on the development and application of the next generation of ocular imaging systems. Specifically, together with POB researchers and IDoc Principal Investigator and scientists, prof. Zawadzki focused on the construction and testing of the Full Field Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (FF-SS-OCT) prototype for in vivo retinal imaging. ICTER experience with FF-SS-OCT and prof. Zawadzki’s knowledge about in vivo retinal imaging were instrumental for the successful completion of this step. Prof. Zawadzki is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Science at University of California Davis. In collaboration with Prof. Edward N. Pugh Jr. he created a shared mouse ocular imaging facility, the “EyePod” in Tupper Hall on UC Davis main campus. One of the new functional retinal tests developed in this laboratory, so-called optoretinography (ORG), focuses on measuring light-evoked optophysiology signals from photoreceptors using OCT.