Widzenie dwufotonowe

Effects of laser pulse duration in two-photon vision threshold measurements

Marcin Marzejon, Łukasz Kornaszewski, Maciej Wojtkowski, Katarzyna Komar


Pulsed near-infrared (NIR) light sources can be successfully applied for both imaging and functional testing of the human eye, as published recently. These two groups of applications have different requirements. For imaging applications, the most preferable is invisible scanning beam while efficiently visible stimulating beam is preferable for functional testing applications. The functional testing of human eye using NIR laser beams is possible due to two-photon vision (2PV) phenomenon. 2PV enables perception of pulsed near-infrared laser light as color corresponding to approximately half of the laser wavelength. This study aims to characterize two-photon vision thresholds for various pulse lengths from a solidstate sub-picosecond laser (λc = 1043.3 nm, Frep = 62.65 MHz), either of 253 fs duration or elongated by Martinez- type stretcher to 2 ps, and fiber-optic picosecond laser (λc = 1028.4 nm, Frep = 19.19 MHz, τp = 12.2 ps).

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