Tomasz Piesio, MSc

University Degree:

Bachelor and Master of Robotics from the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Position at ICTER:

Software developer / Support engineer


Tomasz Piesio started his professional career in global industrial automation enterprise, where his work was focused on delivering customer solutions. He was responsible for designing, 3d modelling and printing prototype parts, industrial and robotic controllers programming, commissioning of electric automation and robotics applications, full stack development of internal software, including cloud-based technologies, and consulting Machine Learning oriented projects. 

Later on he changed his scope to professional IT, in a position of Data Engineer at global reinsurance enterprise, where his responsibility was development and maintenance of solutions that bring data from various sources to be available for analytics teams. 

Tomasz joined the IDoc Team in February 2023 in the position of software developer / support engineer. His main tasks focus on: 

– Software development at IDOC project, specifically robot control and signal processing. 

– Support for software architecture and algorithms development for computer vision (including AI). 

– 3D modelling.