Magdalena Pieczyńska-Kovács, PhD

University Degree:

PhD in Biological Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Craco

PhD in Microbial Genetics, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Position at ICTER:

Group Coordinator & Lab Manager

Obtained her Masters in Biomedical Sciences-Human Genetics at the St’ George’s University of London. Before staring her PhD, she was actively involved in running research projects and clinical trials while working at Brighton & Sussex Medical Research Centre. She completed two PhD theses, one with receiving an award (summa cum laude) from both: Jagiellonian and Wageningen University. She continued her research as a postdoctoral fellow at Delft University and Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology Warsaw University. She also run the Sequencing Lab at the Institute of Genetics PAS, where she was both: a PI and the leader of the national grant. She led four scientific grants as a PI and the national and other European country level, co-promoted three Masters and one PhD and published in recognised scientific journals. She is the reviewer of project proposals for Science and Innovation Consultancy UK.

She holds over twelve years of a strong background gained from leading people and projects in the international environment.  She is experienced in nanotechnology, protein preparation &analysis, genetics of adaptation and molecular and cell biology techniques. Her scientific interests focus mostly on unravelling processes related to cellular interactions and genetics facilitating such events.