Krzysztof Gromada, MSc

University Degree:

Master of Robotics, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechatronics

Position at ICTER:

Robotics Software Architect

Research Areas:

Software engineering, robotics, electronics

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0003-3125-7661

Krzysztof Gromada obtained a Bachelor’s and Master of Robotics from the Faculty Of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is also a PhD researcher focused on synthetic aperture radars imagery processing and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles navigation.

His professional achievements include the co-development of the PGZ-19R ‘Orlik’ UAV system, next-gen household robot system, and Porsche Taycan electric safety metrology systems.

In his spare time, Krzysztof does acrobatics, builds guitars and other handcrafts (some can be viewed on his personal YouTube channel), but also plays PC games.

Krzysztof joined the IDoc Team in April 2022 in the position of Robotics Software Architect. His main tasks focus on:

 – Software architecture and development at IDOC project.

 – Development of algorithms for robot control, signal processing, and computer vision (including AI).  

– Robotics-related support in the project.

Youtube channel: