Jadwiga Milkiewicz, MSc

University Degree:

MSc Chemistry (Jan Długosz Academy; University of Leeds)

Position at ICTER:


Research Areas:

optical engineering, femtosecond spectroscopy, multiphoton processes, fluorescences

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0002-1789-2266

Graduated in Chemistry, for the most of her professional carrier she worked on developing and using various spectroscopic systems, such as, gas phase ion imaging, or fluorescence up-conversion. She joined the Physical Optics and Biophotonics Group in 2019 to work on developing pioneering ophtalmoscopic technique based on two-photon excited fluorescence from the retina of the human eye. Recently, she became a member of the Image-guided Devices for Ophthalmic Care Group, and her main focus is on building an innovative device for fast screening of an early stage keratoconus.