Krzysztof Gromada, MSc

University Degree:

Master of Robotics, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechatronics

Position at ICTER:

Robotics Software Architect

Research Areas:

Software engineering, robotics, electronics

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0003-3125-7661

Krzysztof Gromada obtained a Bachelor’s and Master of Robotics from the Faculty Of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is also a PhD researcher focused on synthetic aperture radars imagery processing and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles navigation.

His professional achievements include the co-development of the PGZ-19R ‘Orlik’ UAV system, next-gen household robot system, and Porsche Taycan electric safety metrology systems.

In his spare time, Krzysztof does acrobatics, builds guitars and other handcrafts (some can be viewed on his personal YouTube channel), but also plays PC games.

Krzysztof joined the IDoc Team in April 2022 in the position of Robotics Software Architect. His main tasks focus on:

 – Software architecture and development at IDOC project.

 – Development of algorithms for robot control, signal processing, and computer vision (including AI).  

– Robotics-related support in the project.

Youtube channel:

Jadwiga Milkiewicz, MSc

University Degree:

MSc Chemistry (Jan Długosz Academy; University of Leeds)

Position at ICTER:


Research Areas:

optical engineering, femtosecond spectroscopy, multiphoton processes, fluorescences

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0002-1789-2266

Graduated in Chemistry, for the most of her professional carrier she worked on developing and using various spectroscopic systems, such as, gas phase ion imaging, or fluorescence up-conversion. She joined the Physical Optics and Biophotonics Group in 2019 to work on developing pioneering ophtalmoscopic technique based on two-photon excited fluorescence from the retina of the human eye. Recently, she became a member of the Image-guided Devices for Ophthalmic Care Group, and her main focus is on building an innovative device for fast screening of an early stage keratoconus.

Marta Nowak

Position at ICTER:

Animal Keeper

Research Areas:


Animal keeper – daily care of animals.

Łukasz Olejnik, MSc Eng.

University Degree:

Łukasz Olejnik obtained a Master’s Engineering degree in Medical and Environmental Biotechnology at the Medical University of Lodz and the Lodz University of Technology.

Position at ICTER:

Technical Specialist

Łukasz Olejnik has worked at Dystrogen Therapeutics Technology Polska in terms of cell therapies and has completed internships abroad at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria and Tomas Bata University in Zlín in the Czech Republic.

Łukasz Olejnik is interested in the use of molecular biology in medicine and molecular diagnostics. He started working as a Research Assistant at the Integrated Structural Biology Group in January, 2023.

Damian Panas, PhD

University Degree:

Dr. Damian Panas graduated from Applied Mathematics at Gdańsk University of Technology and obtained his PhD degree in Health Sciences at the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Research Areas:

mathematical modeling, machine learning, computational biology, and high-throughput sequencing data analysis

Researcher's ORCID Id:

From 2017 to 2021 Dr. Panas worked as research and teaching assistant at the Division of Radiology Informatics and Statistics at the Medical University of Gdańsk, then from 2021 to 2022 as bioinformatician and data analyst at the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn. He is currently working as a Technical Specialist at the Computational Genomics group at ICTER.

Tomasz Piesio, MSc

University Degree:

Bachelor and Master of Robotics from the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Position at ICTER:

Software developer / Support engineer


Tomasz Piesio started his professional career in global industrial automation enterprise, where his work was focused on delivering customer solutions. He was responsible for designing, 3d modelling and printing prototype parts, industrial and robotic controllers programming, commissioning of electric automation and robotics applications, full stack development of internal software, including cloud-based technologies, and consulting Machine Learning oriented projects. 

Later on he changed his scope to professional IT, in a position of Data Engineer at global reinsurance enterprise, where his responsibility was development and maintenance of solutions that bring data from various sources to be available for analytics teams. 

Tomasz joined the IDoc Team in February 2023 in the position of software developer / support engineer. His main tasks focus on: 

– Software development at IDOC project, specifically robot control and signal processing. 

– Support for software architecture and algorithms development for computer vision (including AI). 

– 3D modelling. 

Stefania Robakiewicz, PhD

University Degree:

PhD, Lille University of Science and Technology

Position at ICTER:

Research Specialist

Research Areas:

Cancer Biology and Immunology

Dr. Stefania Robakiewicz graduated from Biotechnology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. During her Bachelor studies, she completed a 6-month internship at Wageningen University & Research Centre. While a Master student, she was offered another 6-month placement at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne Université). She obtained her PhD degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Lille University of Science and Technology in 2020.

So far, she has been a co-author of 6 scientific papers in high-impact journals (Scopus preview – Robakiewicz, Stefania – Author details – Scopus).

The major task of dr. Stefania Robakiewicz in Computational Genomics Group is to participate in a generation of genetically modified cell lines to study eye cancer biology at the level of single cell.

Maciej Wielgo, MSc

University Degree:

PhD Student (2014 –2021), Warsaw University of Technology
Master of science, Warsaw University of Technology

Position at ICTER:

Digital Signal Processing Engineer

Research Areas:

digital signal and image processing

Researcher's ORCID Id: 0000-0001-6523-1270

He is currently in the process of completing his Ph.D. thesis at the Warsaw University of Technology. Holds a Master of Science in engineering in telecommunications. His research interests include synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, compressed sensing, and machine learning for non-cooperative target recognition. He has participated in multiple radar technology-related conferences, also presenting his research results. He gained experience in several R&D projects developing state-of-the-art experimental radar system demonstrators, prototyping algorithms, and creating software. At ICTER he is developing the implementation of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging algorithms.