ICTER at the Ursyn贸w Science Festival in Warsaw on May 23 – invitation to optical and eye model design workshops

We kindly invite the public to visit our stands and participate in the workshops that we have prepared for young people and adults at the Ursyn贸w Science Festival in Warsaw this Thursday. Please see below for details.

馃搮 Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024
馃晵 Time: 12:00-18:00
馃搷 Location: Ursyn贸w Cultural Center “Alternatywy”, 9 Indira Gandhi Street, Warsaw, Poland
馃殗 Public transport by metro: M1, Imielin stop
馃帿 Free admission, youth and adults welcome

饾棤饾棶饾椂饾椈 饾椀饾棶饾椆饾椆, first floor of Ursyn贸w Cultural Center “Alternatywy”

饾棞饾榾饾棶饾棻饾椉饾椏饾棶 饾棞饾棞 Room:
Workshop – Designing the eye model
12:15-12:45 p.m.

Workshop – Optical illusions
14:00-14:30 hrs.
14:45-15:15 hrs

饾棤饾棶饾榿饾棽饾椃饾椄饾椉 Room:
Optical workshop

饾棧饾棶饾椏饾椄饾椂饾椈饾棿 at Ursyn贸w Cultural Center “Alternatywy”

Sight – the most important of the senses:

  • Visual acuity test, vision test
  • Poster on retinal diseases and OCT method
  • Information on research being developed at ICTER
  • Stereoscopic and color vision

The idea of the festival is to popularize science among young, but also older residents of Ursyn贸w and Warsaw. The festival is organized by LXIII Lajos Kossuth High School in Warsaw together with the Ursyn贸w District of the City of Warsaw.

More information and schedule of the event: https://ursynow.um.warszawa.pl/-/ursynowski-festiwal-nauki-3.

We look forward to welcoming the public to this activity.