ICTER’s Overview Report 2019-2023

We are pleased to present the ICTER’s Overview Report for the years 2019-2023.

This report offers an insightful look into our organization:

  • Discover our dedicated team and their collaborative spirit.
  • Explore our unwavering mission to advance global eye health.
  • Learn about the funding that fuels our initiatives.
  • Gain insights into our impactful grant projects.
  • Trace our journey through a brief overview of our history.
  • Delve into our contributions to the field through publications.
  • Understand our communication and outreach strategies.
  • Explore our fruitful collaborations with industry.
  • Connect with our network and ecosystem.
  • Meet our diverse research groups and their focus areas.
  • Stay informed about our hosted events and notable visitors.
  • Join us in celebrating the recognition and awards received.

Discover the report and join us in our ongoing mission to make a positive impact on eye health globally.


ICTER: Brightening Up Life (video about the activity of the International Centre for Translational Eye Research)

Scientists from the International Centre for Translational Eye Research (ICTER) have undertaken the challenge of creating diagnostic technology that could prove to be fundamental for the understanding of eye diseases. Their solution will aid in the rapid diagnosis of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), inherited blindness, diabetic retinopathy, or retinal vascular occlusion.

The team of scientists at ICTER introduced a new functional imaging method called flicker-based Optoretinography (ORG). With this technique, nanometer-long changes in the length of photoreceptors associated with the vision process are recorded. The baseline technology behind our ORG is Spatio-Temporal Optical Coherence Tomography (STOC-T). ORG will enable ophthalmologists to diagnose diseases much faster and more effectively than today. Most importantly, the examination involving the patient will take just one-hundredth of a second.


Film production: nFinity agency

Director: Radek Furmanek

Screenplay and title: Piotr Chaniecki, PhD MD

Animation: Ramona Visuals

Special guest appearance in the film: Prof. Olaf Strauss

Scientific coordination: Dr. Karol Karnowski

Optimization: Anna Salamończyk

Project coordination: Anna Przybyło-Józefowicz

Support: ICTER PR Team


Thank you to all ICTER employees for their commitment to the film production process.


What happens in the eye? Radio program about vision, ocular diseases, eye health, and OCT optical tomography

Radio TOK FM “Homo Science” program with Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, head of ICTER about the unique (painless, non-contact) method of retinal diagnostics and fresh results of the study showing why we actually see anything.

Podcast hosts Piotr and Aleksandra Stanisławscy, creators of the Crazy Nauka science popularizing blog, talk about vision, ocular diseases, and eye health with their guest, physicist specializing in applied optics and medical and experimental physics, leader of the Physical Optics and Biophotonics group at ICTER.

Listen to the podcast online


Looking into the future: about early diagnosis and eye rapid aging (source: www.rp.pl)

We invite you to read this article here: Patrząc w przyszłość – rp.pl


ICTER as an IRAP project: interview in Polityka weekly journal (sources: www.polityka.pl & www.fnp.org.pl)